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Mobile Wizard

Slider_Mobile WizardHas your Website kept up with the times?

Is it easy to read and navigate from a mobile phone or mobile device?Or are you making your customers pinch and zoom around your site to find the information they want and need?

It’s easy to see that mobile phone usage is on the rise. Over 50% of your prospective clients will be accessing the Internet from their Mobile Phones.

Everywhere you go, people are using their mobile phones and tablets to find local restaurants, locate local businesses, find fun things to do and read customer reviews. Yet 91% of small business websites are behind the times. They aren’t mobile optimized … and that means they are losing business to their mobile-savvy competitors.

Google is now penalizing websites that are not mobile-optimized.So if your website is a dinosaur, it’s time to jump on the mobile bandwagon before it’s too late.

Your customers are Going Mobile, and you need to be Going Mobile too.Your customers prefer websites with click to call buttons, click for directions buttons, and content that formats automatically to suit their mobile device.

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