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Mobile Check

Mobile Check

Do people feel comfortable when they arrive at your Website while using their Mobile Phone? Or do they feel like leaving, before they even start looking at what you have to offer?

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Mobile Wizard

Mobile Wizard

Is it easy to read and navigate from a mobile phone or mobile device?Or are you making your customers pinch and zoom around your site to find the information they want and need?

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About Us

About Us

Mobile Marketing is a more complex type of advertising through mobile devices including Smartphone and tablet computers. Its evident that mobile devices are a persons.

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5 stars

“Bob Prince Media built my first web site here in Greenville NC 3 years ago and I was very pleased with his with & the time he spent with me to make my business stand out on the Internet. Bob has many years experience & even though he is an “Ol” ECU Pirate with no beard he certainly knows his way around the net. So if you want a first class mobile site with all the bells & whistles at a more than fair price to generate more income & exposure to your business I highly recommend Bob Prince’s expertise “

N. Cheely
5 stars

“I was not in a position to spend a lot of money to advertise on the local Tv,cable or newspapers so when Bob Prince showed me the “Why’s” of the recent trends in marketing & what he could do to increase my traffic to my business I was all ears. I am completely satisfied with his work & will continue to refer other’s who also want to increase market share through the Internet with Bob Prince Media”

S. Blane
5 stars

“I looked at several other programs online including those that say you can build a FREE mobile site but once you get in there they “Up Sell” you on addition services that went way over the budget I wanted to spend. Once I had a thorough discussion with Bob Prince on what I was looking to do with my business I knew I had founf the right person to help me with this online project ans I am glad I did.”

J. Ward